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Revealed: The best courses for getting your jobs

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We challenge our courses give you MBA skills

Think beyond exams


​About Our Global Professional Courses

Got all facts of jobs and great courses. Saved my money and helped getting offers.


Advanced HR Certification

Workshop HR

​I was confused as MBA needs money. I got mentored and he told of saving for MBA after getting jobs.


Advanced Data Analysis Certification

Workshop HR

​1000 of YouTube videos available. All free 1000 video also shows making cars. But people go and buy. Same is these courses and classes. I spent lakhs on IAS coaching for 3 years but no jobs. After enrolling here i am getting better. Excellent for anyone who need good jobs.

Monika Kapoor

Advanced HR Certification

Workshop HR

I am really happy that maintain highest standard of education. It provides free benefits & also affordable courses. Must enroll for your jobs. Better than spending on expensive college courses.

Rajiv Srivastava

There can be a hundred courses free available but there are only 10 jobs which will pay you. Only people like me know value of good courses

Nikita Sharma

Advanced Data Analysis Certification

Spent lakhs on government exams and coaching. But got nothing and scams in exams. I enrolled in courses, got real skills for some good jobs. Guys free things are for lazy people.


Real people invest on Professional Courses
Fake invest their time on social media
Guys its Data Analysis not advanced excel. Here you will get only the important function which is best for most jobs at low fees.


I work in office and most people don't understand advanced Excel or data analysis except some finance employees.
Data analysis is better than excel. Most companies now need to analyze the data and not excel functions. You need to provide the mis to executive.

Narendra Sharma

No need of macro all work is done by CRM and easy to get all data and manage.


It saved money and gave me also cashback. Typically we spend around Rs 4000/ month on traveling. I enrolled in DA after workshop. Its good for employees and convenience.

Akshay Sharma

Excellent courses and workshops.

Jitu Das

Guys everything is available but you need to pay. You need salary its not free. These are corporate courses which is more valuable than competition exams.


Lakhs jobs available in HR & Data Analysis 0-4 years*

Any school / college / employees can apply in our Professional Advanced Courses


Choose from our best curated coaching
Advanced Professional Courses

You pay for right courses. You are really good.
Do not bribe and pay for jobs.
Did you know most free certificates have no value like any 10 year cars
Rs 60 crore job scam in Bengal
If everything is free why ask salary and government tax

Our global
advanced professional courses

Human Resource
Data Analysis
100% Job oriented
Anyone can apply

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Get Live Coaching Classes
Human Resource & Data Analysis
100% Career guidance
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100% ROI

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All companies want not just degree but real job knowledge
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*60% graduates unemployable

100% ROI & Money Saved
Global knowledge & skills
90% MBA level skills
RRB / Civil Services/ Tutions: Competition high, Fees high, Skills low, Jobs low, Bribes

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Founders on Indian consumers

Ashneer Grover

Speaking at the show, Grover said, 'Indians need everything at a cheap price, which should also be in a small size and even after that, our consumers look out for discounts.'

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