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HRM, Payroll, Data Analysis, Sales & Marketing, Social Media Marketing

We challenge our courses give you MBA skills
Think beyond exams

Education | Skills | Consultant | Entrepreneurship

Price raising: Offer ending

100% ROI & Real Skilled Education
US Based Skills Now in India

Private education sector to be biggest employer by 2030

Source: Financial Express, India Niti Ayog

Students have no skills of 21st century jobs. Source: UNICEF

Less than 1% do business in India as business is not a job. It needs skills. Good capital investment.
As an entrepreneur i request you to invest on real skills. No jobs and salary with free skills

Did you know most college students spend lakhs on tutions, colleges, takes free skills from Youtube & fake cv.

Jobless is better you are preparing for professional career. But spending on games, exams , alcohol can it give any value?

As seen on avenue mail and tribune bharat-compressed

Download Free Ebook valued Rs 6 lakhs. Free mean no business and jobs. Staff salary and tax included. Invest on our Advanced Courses.

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Select from the top courses.
Our students saved millions from expensive exams & colleges
Did you know we have provided 50+ internships & part time jobs to our students.
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How to enroll in our courses

Advanced Courses (Self Paced)

Upto 40% OFF
100% International skills as per PWC, Bain & Co.
Language: English
Global course certification
100% verified skills
EMI above Rs 3K
Rs 100 off on UPI
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Premium Courses (Self Paced
& Q&A)

Upto 40% OFF
100% International skills as per PWC, Bain & Co.
Language: English
Free career guidance
Live Coaching
100% verified skills
EMI above Rs 3K
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Are you scrolling thousands of YouTube Videos?

Are you fooled by easy jobs & free education?

Are you spending years on X exams ?

Are you business owner & want to train employees?

Are you school, colleges & want to train students?

No hilarious 100% job guarantee schemes.

Harvard University has no job guarantee

Check for all offers below

Lakhs jobs in HRM, Payroll, Data Analysis, Sales & Marketing, Social Media Marketing
for 0-4 years experience
Get real career skills
Paid internships & LOR for candidates in Career Gift Assurance Live*

Source - Ambitionbox,, &
*As per seats available.

Netwon's Third Law. Free means no jobs & business

Our core principal CKTR
Our Japanese rule Kaizen
CKTR - Concept, Knowledge , Time, Result

Lazy people are not helping India
Jawahar Lal Nehru, India

Making free do not help and cant give anything
S Jaishankar, IAS, India

Backward countries always spend their money on college exams and government jobs.
Then beg jobs as private sector value professional skills not fake skills.
Acharya Prashant Kishore

Best online courses

Our Founder founder

Good things comes at affordable price.
Better than any MBA courses
We challenge our courses can give you MBA skills

Best coaching in India
Best coaching in India
Tanu Kataria

Great Reviews

100% Satisfied Customers

The courses & workshop is simple easy to understand and lots of assignments.

Pratik Sharma

Just go for the courses. Affordable & easy to know. Ya i was little worried but yes at least he is not selling any filthy products.

Harjit Kaur

So much knowledge i got in CGP3. Real assignments on advanced rules etc.

Rocky Seth

OTT not important. I am businessmen & i will tell which we want are best skilled employees.

Tanmay Kumar

Lets do some game

Attention government job students.

Any Exam fee: Rs 600

E.g SSC, Railway, Civil Service, PO, PSU
Total posts: 21000
Total applied: 24 lakhs

Application fees x candidates

= Rs 600 x 24,00,000
= Rs 1K crore

Easy business by Indian government.

Candidates applied in government jobs: 22 cr
Candidates got jobs: 0.04%

Indians are giving bribes and millions for these jobs.

Source: Indian Express, ET, TOI

In India good private jobs available but you have no skills, no experience and ask job guarantee. Indians always spending on exams

Full Access

Starts Rs 1089

Access all advanced skills
Career guidance
Advanced education

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How to choose the best courses?
You can find all the details regarding the courses once your get the Ebook.

I have a full time job, not sure if I can make it. Will you be sharing recordings?
You can enroll for our self paced courses. Visit

What are the refunds?
There is no refunds.

Why are skilled course better than other management courses like Bcom etc ?
Bain like other top firms, looks for candidates who demonstrate problem-solving ability, quantitative analytical skills, leadership, and general business acumen

How will i get the internships and stipends?
Internships are the part of our Live Coaching Classes. You may be eligible for paid internships as per your skills. All Live Coaching & Mini Live Coaching included internships during the classes. You can be HR intern, Marketing intern, Sales intern, Data Analyst intern, Social media marketing intern, Media Intern. Extra fees to be taken for extra classes. Colleges do not offer any internships and even government exam coaching centers. They only takes your money. Internship as per seats available.

How do i get latest jobs ?
We provide job news on your email every week and also our Facebook group

Do you provide reference checks?
Yes. Its free only for fess above Rs 14K for getting into colleges and jobs. Colleges / coaching centers do not give any stipends, experience, professional skills & industry ready education.

Do you provide EMI?
Yes EMI is provided.

Can i get live coaching at any time?
Yes. You can join any session. But you may have to skip some topics. You can continue the study till next batch.

How can i contact you for some doubts before live class enrollment?

DM us @anywheregk or check our site

What is Q&A?
All details are available in your profile. For any general Q&A you can get free knowledge library. For live coaching you get expert doubt class.

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Get our 100% Professional courses.
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