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How to Lead in a Modern Organization

How to Lead in a Modern Organization

Despite the fact that lecturers and successful entrepreneurs frequently discuss the value of leadership in numerous job fields. However, new forms of leadership are emerging in this age of information and technology change, so what that implies is evolving. Here are some suggestions on being a better leader in today’s world.

Be a leader, both online and offline

Recent online research conducted by the MDP Global Classroom team found that 62 percent of respondents identified the importance of social skills for successful leadership. At the same time, 38 percent highlighted the importance of internet and social media skills – what experts in communication technologies refer to as “digital leadership”.

At Al Farabi Kazakh National University and our partner universities around the world, I’ve observed the increasing demand for these skills, particularly in modern, tech-infused workplaces. While it used to be enough to be comfortable talking to people in small and large groups, you now need to be a “digital leader” and be able to persuade and lead colleagues indirectly through social media.

Don’t be afraid to tackle big projects

More than half of my students wish to work for global corporations or international organizations after they graduate but can often get stuck thinking “small” when it comes to their class projects. I always suggest they think big and outside of the box to search for global opportunities and many universities are now offering programs that fit the bill.

For example, I suggest to my students that they explore working with the newly created Ban Ki-Moon Institute for Sustainable Development, which focuses on innovation-driven research and educational activities. Work like this is exactly the type of thing which can help students to develop their leadership skills.

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Always be inspired, creative and motivated

One of the secrets of effective leadership lies in the ability to think creatively and unconventionally. Today, it’s not enough to arrive at the laboratory or center asking for work or an internship, it’s more important to show inspirational and creative leadership by offering your own vision and ideas and how they can be implemented.

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