HRM course schedule

1Introduction to HRM, Important HRM lessons
2Important HRM lessons, Labour welfare Acts in India,
3IHRM, Strategic HRM, HRM question series, Labour Welfare question series
4Assignments*, Letter writing*, Workshops**, Doubt classes**, HRMS**
5Revision, Interview preparation, Personalty development**
6Final exam and certificate*

The following lessons and benefits you will get from our HRM Course Packs.


  1. HRM
  2. Recruitment and selection
  3. Organizational behavior
  4. Training need analysis
  5. Excel for HR**
  6. Human resource management system**
  7. Benefits management*
  8. Performance appraisal
  9. Talent management**
  10. HR metrics**
  11. HR theories
  12. Leadership management
  13. Personality development
  14. International Human resource management**
  15. Strategic Human resource management**

Labor welfare in India

  1. Important labor laws
  2. Factories Act
  3. Minimum wages Act
  4. Payment of wages act
  5. Bonus Act
  6. Provident fund Act
  7. Gratuity Act

* Available on HRM Beginner and HRM Advanced Courses.

** Available only on HRM Advanced Courses.

  • The above syllabus is deigned as per SHRM guidelines. You can complete the syllabus before or continue even after you have passed. Each course pack has core syllabus and premium packs has additional lessons.
  • Complete the lessons and revise
  • Better syllabus and affordable is HRM Advanced Course Pack.
  • Doubt classes on HRM Advanced Course Pack.
  • Self evaluation
  • Assignment
  • Interview preparation and career guidance as per the course packs.

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