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  • Entrepreneurship and how its helpful for india
    By Tanu Kataria LIFE OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND HOW ITS HELPFUL FOR INDIA Entrepreneurship plays a significant role in the economic growth and development of any country, including India. Here are some aspects of the entrepreneurial life and how it can be beneficial for India: Job creation: Entrepreneurs are the driving force behind the creation of … Read more
  • A professor creating value in education, skills, helping students and companies
    A professor creating value in education, skills, helping students and companies Professor Abir Baidya is the founder of leading education and business consultation sites & Till date he has given multiple case studies and helping videos worth million rupees on Youtube and Facebook. He has paid his own MBA and funded his business … Read more
  • Internship & part time jobs
    Internship & part time jobs Students will be eligible for internships after taking our career gift pack assurance. They can take internships at our company as per the eligibility or they can apply in other companies. The students must submit the below details before applying in our internships jobs: College ID Latest CV Confirmation letter … Read more
  • For Schools, Colleges & Companies
    There is a wide range of business problems for which consultants can provide solutions, and different types of consultants offer different ideas. Business consultants act as professional consultants to help companies achieve their goals or optimize operations in a specific area of ​​the business such as sales, IT, finance, marketing, supply chain management, human resources, … Read more

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