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Social Media & Facebook Audience types | The Ultimate Guide

Targeting ads to precisely tailored audiences can increase CTR, drive traffic to your website, build brand awareness, or achieve any other advertising goal.

Crafting the right marketing message and choosing attractive creatives is helpful, but the real challenge is reaching the right people. That’s why you should dig into Facebook Ads target audiences and rock your targeting. Keep on reading to check out the details and get inspired by our targeting ideas.

What are Facebook Ads Target Audiences?

A Facebook audience is the group of people you want to reach with your ad. Facebook creates an opportunity for businesses to choose demographics, locations, and interests of its users so that they can receive the most relevant ads.

How to target an audience with Facebook ads?

You can create and manage Facebook Ads target audiences in your Business Manager in the ‘Audiences’ section.

You can also find a summary of every created audience there, as well as usage in campaigns and a history of changes within a particular audience. Therefore, you can manage your audiences to update target groups and optimize your efforts.

Another way to create Facebook Ads target audiences is to craft one while setting up an ad campaign in your Ads Manager. During this process, you can choose your pre-defined audiences or create a new one (and save it if you’d like to use it again in the future).

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You can target your ads more effectively

You can target people based on their interests, demographics, and even behaviors. This ensures that your ads are seen by people who are more likely to be interested in what you’re selling. Also, you can exclude people who have already bought your products or started interacting with you after seeing your ads.

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You can save money

By targeting your ads more effectively, you’ll ultimately end up spending less money on advertising. Facebook’s advanced targeting options allow you to laser-focus your ad campaigns, so you won’t be wasting money on impressions that don’t convert.

If you’re not using Facebook’s advanced targeting options, you’re missing out on a valuable tool that can help you save money and increase your conversion rate.

You can fine-tune your campaigns and test different audiences

When you use advanced targeting options, you can constantly test different audiences to see what works best for your products or services. You can also fine-tune your campaigns on the fly to make sure they’re as effective as possible.

This is a huge advantage that paid traffic has over organic traffic. With the latter, you have to wait for people to find your content and then hope they’re interested in what you have to say.

With the former, you can go out and find people who are already interested in what you have to say. Then, you can show them your content and start building relationships with them.

Facebook Saved Audience

You can store your commonly used targeting settings for future campaigns and save time on choosing the same options multiple times. To reach your target group, you can select demographics, interests, and behaviors.

When it comes to demographics-based targeting, Facebook enables you to determine Facebook Ads target audiences based on the following demographics of users:

Facebook demographic targeting can be very precise. You can also choose particular traits such as educational, financial, life events, relationships, work, and even determine if your target group is represented by parents of children who are a specific age.

Interest-based targeting allows you to reach specific Facebook Ads target audiences by looking at their interests, activities, the Pages they have liked, and closely related topics. It’s a great way to advertise your products or services to potential customers who have specific interests and hobbies. You can browse interests in the menu or type your own suggestions to find the most suitable options.

Behavior-based targeting can be handy as well. It enables you to target users who have completed a certain action, such as purchased a product using Facebook Payments in the last 30 days, celebrated anniversaries, frequent travelers, and many more. The wide range of available behaviors creates incredible opportunities for brands to show relevant ads and increase conversions.
When to use Facebook Saved Audience?

Facebook Custom Audience

This type of audience can be highly effective, but it’s also challenging to create. Via this kind of Facebook Ads target audiences, you can connect with people who have already shown an interest in your business or product based on your sources, such as customer contacts, website traffic, mobile app or offline activity (people who have interacted with your brand by phone, in-store, etc.). Make sure that you have enough records on your list – this option might not work with just a few contacts (Facebook may display an “Audience too small” alert not let you run any ads). The right size database will also allow you to test, scale, and optimize your performance.

By adding Facebook tracking pixels to your website, you can track users’ behavior on your page and use that information in your campaigns. Therefore, you can tailor your Facebook Ads target audiences based on events you want to focus on, such as purchases, sign-ups, adding items to a shopping cart, and more.

Providing Facebook with customer lists allows you to target specific users. The more identities (email address, phone number, mobile advertiser ID, Facebook app user ID, Facebook Page user ID, first name, surname) you can upload, the better the match rate with Facebook.

You can also make the most of Facebook’s sources to create a custom audience based on people who have:

When to use Facebook Custom Audience?

Retargeting options can work wonders for brands that run advanced campaigns and collect information about their customers. For example, if you:

Facebook Lookalike Audience

This option can be used to target people who are similar to the Facebook Ads target audiences you’ve already identified. You can tailor a lookalike audience based on a retargeting pixel, custom audience, people who like your Facebook Page, and more. Thanks to this option, you can reach more users who match your target group. Facebook uses advanced algorithms to find people who are suitable for your Facebook Ads target audiences. This way you can expand your target group to relevant people instead of guessing who might be interested in your offer.

First, you need to define your core audience to show Facebook what type of customers you’d like to reach. To narrow down your targeting of Facebook Ads target audiences, you can select audience location and audience size. That way, you’ll determine additional conditions and create a more precise target group.

When to use Lookalike Audiences?

Lookalike Audiences can be effective for brands that have already run campaigns effectively and know who is their ideal customer. Use Lookalike Audience when:

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Besides the basic Facebook targeting options, there are plenty of opportunities to maximize your efforts and get really creative with your Facebook Ads target audiences. Check out our pro-tips and get inspired for your future campaigns!

Facebook allows you to target people who have saved your posts. It can be a great opportunity to remind your followers about content that they wanted to check out later. This target group can be narrow, but it’s very engaged as it includes users who have already shown interest in your posts.

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