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State and folks paintings for SSC, Banks, RBI, other state level exams.

Important static GK for SSC, Banks, RBI, AFCAT, CDS, RRB, PSU, CMAT, XAT, MAT, and other state level exams.

Kalighat Pat Art

It is folk painting of West Bengal. It originated in the vicinity of kalighat Kali Temple (Kolkata). In this art form, various Hindu Gods and other mythological characters are drawn.It started on a religious note, with the subjects being Hindu Gods and Goddesses along with their incarnations. However, over time, social sentiments came to be expressed in the medium of paper and colours. Scholars long ignored the legacy of the painting. However, it gained importance in the 20th century.

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Floor Paintings

It is an ancient and traditional folk art of India. It is drawn mainly in festivals and ceremonies. It is known by different names such as Chawk Purna in Uttar Pradesh; Aipan in Uttarakhand; Mandana in Rajasthan; Muggulu in Andhra Pradesh; Aripana in Bihar; Rangoli in Maharashtra; Alpana in West Bengal; Athiya in Gujarat; Rangwalli in Karnataka; Kollam in Tamil Nadu; Arooph in Himachal Pradesh; and Kalma Jattu in Kerala.

Warli Art

It is famous in Maharashtra. It is made by the local tribes of the Worli and depicts the scenes from the social and cultural life of these groups. In this art form, chewed bamboo stick is used as brush and mixture of rice paste and water gum is used as colour.

Thangka Paintings

It is Tibetan folk painting. In this art form, images of Buddha paintings are made on the cotton or silk cloth. It is categorised into three types- Tibetan Buddhist wall painting; glimpse of Buddhist lifestyle; and rituals and practices of daily life.

Madhubani Paintings

It is the folk painting of Bihar. Jitwarpur village of Madhubani district is the main centre. In this painting, the Kohbar (traditional room of the married couple) in the folklore of Bihar region are drawn as painting. In this style of folk painting, the scenes of Ramayana and the images Hindu God-Goddesses are depicted on the canvas. Mahasundari Devi is the famous artist of the Madhubani painting.

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Pattachitra Art

It is folk painting of Odisha. Paintings are based on the Subhadra, Balrama, Lord Jagannath, Dashavatara and the scenes related to the life Lord Krishna.  They are manifested with rich outline, red, yellow, ochre, white and black colours.

Pithora Painting

It is the folk painting of Rathvas and Bhilalas tribes of Gujarati. It is more than ritual rather than art form.

Kalamkari Paintings

The literal meaning of Kalamkari is ‘painting made by the use of pen’. It is very popular in Machilipatnam of Krishna district, Andhra Pradesh. It is a type of hand-paints or block-printed cotton textile, produced in parts of India.

Gond paintings

‘Gond’ is a painting inspired by a sense of connection with nature, the Gondi tribe in Madhya Pradesh created these adventurous, colourful paintings, mainly depicting ora and fauna. The colours come from charcoal, cow dung, leaves and colourful soil. If you look closely, it is made of dots and lines.

Pata Chitra paintings

‘Pata Chitra’ is the oldest forms of artwork from Orissa.

‘Pata’ in Patachitra is cloth and therefore this painting is usually done on cloth. This art form is very vibrant and contains a traditional appeal to it. It is closely related to the Indian values, customs and rituals, which forms the base of the Hindu faith and religion.


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