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Top things you must invest when you are at 20’s age

Things You Must Do When You’re Still Young and what you must invest

If you’re not on Kylie Jenner’s financial wavelength, making smart money decisions in your 20s, 30s and 40s is imperative if you want to retire as a millionaire. In fact, it’s imperative if you want to retire at all.

In 2018, the rate of adults ages 65 and older who filed for bankruptcy more than doubled since 1991, according to AARP’s “Consumer Bankruptcy Project” report. The data further reinforces a harsh reality: Many Americans are not prepared to finance 30 years of retirement.

Stop giving excuses and start  your life

Top things you must invest when you are at 20’s age

Invest money on various activities

Start Small, Earn Big

Being single in your 20s is different from being single in your 40s. In your 20s, you have the freedom to take risks – and if you’ve just started on your career, it’s imperative that you begin investing immediately and consistently.

If you are in your 20s and new to your job, the best plan would be to start saving a small amount every month. Do you know that you only need as little as Rs. 500 to invest in Mutual Funds through a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)?

A SIP is nothing but the strategy of investing a fixed amount periodically in Mutual Funds that are best suited for you, which will ultimately help you achieve your financial goals.

When you are young, you have time on your side and don’t have anyone depending on your income. This is the best time to inculcate the discipline of saving and investing regularly. To top it all, the magic of compounding also works when you start early and stay invested.

For example, if you start investing Rs. 5,000 every month when you are, say 22 years old, and stay invested for 30 years, you can easily accumulate a corpus of nearly Rs. 92 lakh, considering 15% annualised returns and taking the annual rate of inflation to be 6%.However, if you start with the same amount even five years later, your total corpus will reduce to just Rs. 56 lakh.As your income grows, you can simultaneously increase your investment amount and thereby increase the value of your growing returns. Save money and get education which will help.

Top things you must invest when you are at 20’s age

Do part time jobs

Majority of the people who are looking for part time jobs want something that can be done from their home in their extra time. So first, we will show you 15 simple online part time jobs that can give you instant income.

Part Time Online Jobs

Although we have already written about the best paying 14 online jobs here with the complete details but here you can see the list of around 15 online jobs that you can do in part time.


Invest money on education and skill based courses

Cultivate Marketable Skills: Your 20s is a good time to cultivate skills and education that can benefit you down the road. Consider what skills will be in demand in the coming years, and consider what you enjoy. You can invest and get better in various new education after your under graduate and post graduate in certain skill based courses to get jobs

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