XAT 2021 analysis and GK

The XAT 2021 Exam was conducted successfully on January 3, 2021. With XAT 2021 being conducted online, the essay type questions were excluded to reduce the duration of the exam to 3 hours. However, a new type of question, the Numerical Answer Type (NAT) was included in this paper.

Total Questions (Part I & II) 100 Questions
Name of the Section Difference No. of Questions Level of Difficulty
Verbal and Logical Ability Part-I 26 Good
Decision Making 21
Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation 28
Time duration 165 minutes
Overall questions number 75 MCQs
Note: There will be no sectional time-limit for Paper-I unless emergencies/technical glitches.
General Knowledge Part-II 25
Time duration 15 minutes
Overall questions number 25 MCQs

Section-wise XAT 2021 Exam Analysis

Laying more emphasis and experiment on the previous year’s XAT exam analysis, the appearing candidates can well-check the analysis tabulated section-wise highlighted below:

The 25 GK questions comprised 15 current affairs questions and 10 static GK questions. Overall, the GK section was slightly more difficult than last year’s test. 14 questions were based on national events, 10 questions were based on international events and 1 question was based on general science. As usual, the questions covered a wide range of areas and gave no special advantage to specialists in any one area. The topics were diverse – Science, History, Geography, Business, Economy, names of political personalities, books and authors, etc.


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Here are some of the quick Preparation Tips: 

  • XAT is not a tougher exam than CAT, it simply requires a different mindset.
  • Keep the different sections of the exam in mind and check the XAT Selection Procedure properly.
  • It is a pen and paper test, there are no individual section time limits. Make sure you give enough time to your core strength areas so that you can score more.
  • Do not spend excessive time on GK questions and be ready to leave the questions you are unsure about. Guesswork in this area can be risky.

The main objective of the XAT Examination has been to test the comprehension skills of the candidate, logical reasoning and also the capacity to make the right decisions. XAT Examination would be conducted in an online mode. The total duration of the examination for a total of 215 minutes. (3 hours and 35 minutes). XAT Examination would be divided into 2 parts – Paper 1 and Paper 2.

Paper 1 comprises of 3 sections namely:

  • Verbal and Logical Ability
  • Decision Making
  • Data Interpretation and Quantitative Ability

Paper 2, on contrary, consists of one section:

  • General Knowledge

In Paper 1, only Multiple Choice based questions are asked while every question carries 1 mark. For every wrong answer, 0.25 marks shall be deducted.

The section-wise XAT Preparation Tips are as below:

Verbal Ability section tests the candidates on their English comprehension skills. The questions would be based on the following type of questions:

  1. Analogies
  2. Correction of Sentence
  3. Reading Comprehension
  4. Para Jumble

Some of the tips mentioned below can be followed by the candidate to prepare for XAT.

Vocabulary Skills

  • A strong vocabulary always makes it easy for candidates to prepare for any section of the XAT.
  • The candidates can begin their reading habit from articles in the newspaper and magazines.
  • They can later then move on to reading columns, editorials and non-fiction work.

Reading Skills

  • Candidates should work on becoming an avid reader.
  • In the event of a fixed time schedule with less scope to spend on deliberation, good reading speed will enable them to understand and comprehend subjects in a better way.

Grammatical Errors

  • A lot of questions in this section, would be related to the identification of grammatical errors and correcting them.
  • It is always important for a candidate to know the exam rules and solve the questions right.

XAT 2021 Preparation Tips for QA and DI:

In this section, candidates would be tested on their numerical ability. The questions would be asked from topics like – Probability, Statistics, Graphs, Speed and Distance.  The useful tips are some of them are as listed below:

Beginning with the basics

  • For competence in the QA and DI section, the candidates should be sound in the basic concepts for the XAT examination.
  • Prior to moving to advanced questions, basic and simple questions are required to be practiced by them.

Consistent Practice

  • Consistent Practice is what always works in the case of sections involving numbers.
  • The candidate gets more familiar and comfortable with solving questions pertaining to numerous concepts and also improves his comprehending ability in the event of facing lengthy questions.

Shortcut Formulae

  • By learning shortcut formulae or subjects like Vedic Maths, a candidate essentially becomes more rapid at calculations that can save a significant amount of time in attempting the paper and increase his rate of attempts.
  • People good at numbers over a longer period of time owing to exposure and practice always have that competitive advantage.

XAT 2021 Preparation Tips for Decision Making:

Herein, usually, a case study is presented to students on the basis of which candidates would be required to answer questions on the same. Some useful tips for the same are detailed below:

  1. Logic: While Logical Ability is purely centered on applying practical logic, true to its name, Decision making differs in the context of making a candidate apply logic in a given circumstance. The information should be logically interpreted by candidates to arrive at a good decision.
  2. Question Type: The questions in the section can be passages with single or multiple questions. A keen student doing this section would ideally be looking through the sets and identifying the one he is most familiar with. He would then start working on the same with immediate effect.
  3. Previous Year Question Papers: Practice of mock and previous year question papers always improve the ability of the candidates to understand the pattern of the exam in a better way and attempt the same. The thinking approach required for the Decision-making section can be bettered only by constant practice.


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