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100 ancient and geography important and most repeated GK

How many spokes are there inthe Dharma Chakra of the National flag ?





From which modern State did the Alwar saints originate ?

Tamil Nadu




What is ‘Milindapanho’ ? –

A Buddhist place

One of the names of Buddha

A Buddhist Specimen of Art

A Buddhist text

Well preferred tree fossil supposed to be from Jurasic Age inIndia is reported from :





What was Chandragupta II alsoknown as ?

Samudra Gupta

Skanda Gupta


Ranaa Gupta

That the Rig-Vedic aryans werea pastoral people is borne out by the fact that

There are many references tothe cow in the Rig Veda

Most of the wars were foughtfor the sake of cows.

Gifts made to priests wereusually cows and not land

All of the above

The Aryans succeeded in theirconflicts with the pre-Aryans because

they used elephants on alarge scale

they were taller and stronger

they were from an advancedurban culture

they used chariots driven byhorses

The Chola kings were ruling over

Tamil Nadu



(4) Bengal

Coins made of metal first appeared in

Harappan Civilisation

Later Vedic Age

Age of the Buddha

Age of the Mauryas

Arrange the following Magadhandynasties in chronological order:

Nandas II. Sisunagas

III.Mauryas IV. Haryankas

IV, II, III and I

II, I, IV and III

IV, II, I and III

III, I, IV and II

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