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Advertising is-very important for any organizations. We also advertise for leads. But why us?

Did you know a 10 second TV ad can cost $3000 as per the channels

Most of the TV ads are for wider audience, not for targeted audience, costly, less metrics and not worthy for small & even most brands

Kellogg School of Business, US

Sponsorship is 100% safe and value based with us

Our traffic is organic

Advertising by Abir

TV Ads are not good for getting all traffic. You need audience which you must pay.

We are providing you multiple options to choose ads & reach people at low price. Our premium ads ads will be given in our Facebook posts, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn. Reach more people by sponsored contents.

Get 100% guaranteed advertising

  • Minimum brand reach 100K
  • Guaranteed brand reach
  • Continues brand engagement.
  • Sponsorship on our website & social media/ partner sites
  • Maximum brand recall
  • Guaranteed leads*

How to become our sponsors?

  1. Read all details below.
  2. Choose any sponsor ads.
  3. Pay for ad types, send ads & images in the PDF google form.
  4. 100% refund if ads are rejected.
  5. Approval of ads.
  6. Email will be sent once ads are shown.

Apply for sponsorship. Click here

Ad typeRatesBuy now
Emerald Ads
Starts Rs 30000Click here
Silver Ads

Get banner ads,
1 Facebook ad,
Facebook post
Instagram post
Linked post
Guaranteed reach
Everything in Silver ads,
popup ads,
LinkedIn / Quora posts,
Brand connect Ads,
Product specific ads,
Video promotions
& Ebooks
Starts Rs Rs 60,000Click here

If you are looking for long term advertising with us, we can offer you discount and channel partner benefits

For help email

Some of our partners:

Couponseeker, Ecwid, Engagebay CRM, Ace nutrimony

All ads will have 30 days validity*

All sponsor ads will run for the cost per day basis.

*T&C apply

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