Education partners

Business partner consultants for education

Business partner consultants

Be our Business partner consultants franchise

Roles and responsibilities:

  1. Provide courses / products to people.
  2. Follow up and provide all information about our courses / products.
  3. Use of various social media to distribute courses / products
  4. Make short videos & add links for buying our courses / products.
  5. Provide details of our courses and benefits as compared to other courses.
  6. Pre sales and post sales.
  7. Must have good knowledge in education and banking industry.
  8. Sell our products to schools / colleges & companies.
  9. Get individual partners from social media.
  10. Send high traffic using all social media.


Revenue sharing:

  • 30% or upto Rs 2 lakh per month.
  • Processing fee: 4%
  • BPC must take people and create partner centers

Yearly fees: To be paid based on your revenue for link validity, student support and advertising .

The registration fee is taken for selection of suitable candidates. Registration fee to be paid once you get selected and all training have been completed.

You will also get benefits worth $ 3000

  1. Banners
  2. Our blogs
  3. Videos
  4. Emails
  5. Free training
  6. Own portals for managing sales
  7. Your self website
  8. CRM

90% work has been done by Professor Abir Baidya. Now its your duty to get benefits and also provide value to us.


BPC franchise can get highest return as per students you enroll & get new channel partners

Months Your revenue
1Minimum Rs 60,000
2Minimum Rs 1 lakh
3Minimum Rs 1.4 lakhs

How to share, convince customers and earn money

  1. Get leads and reach using social media
  2. Reach more students using your own contacts
  3. Hire and train people to reach more students
  4. Reach more by taking free webinars
  5. Send emails for getting new clients

Download all details for fees and free webinar

Please check your emails once your register

Please check your emails for all details.

Start from own home with 300 sq ft space

Train others and help students find best our courses

Must have good knowledge in digital marketing.



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