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After you complete your course, you are not just another student.

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Use the concept i developed and i used for cleaning the exams. You can clear even the toughest exam if you follow my instructions and the use this methodology which i developed.

Please read the following guidelines carefully and also download the pdf get and all important forms




The conceptual area of your subjects. You must read the study materials and clear your basic concepts.


The complete knowledge by learning the course.


Your study plan and the schedules. Each topic has been given with a standard time limit to complete your study. You can learn beyond that time and as per your own schedule.


Use our course preparation and mock exam. Use two important things to score best by using self motivation and self determination and score in your exams.


  1. All the topics have been prepared keeping with latest patterns so that students . I have given the best for the courses but we are human are prone to errors and no one can achieve 100% error free. So if any error is found and you want to give some suggestions for the course and add something to the course you can submit after your course.

  2. All the study materials are the copyright of and duplication and republishing is not allowed under any circumstances.

  3. Please follow the learning methodology to get the maximum success and read the concepts before assignments and any exam.

Some topics will be repeated so that you can understand and they are important.

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