Frequently asked questions

How to create an account for my courses?

You can create an account for before taking any coursess by two ways.

Using register at top of the page.

Or visit top left three dots and click Your profile. You will get registering option.

After that you need to enter your  Email Id & Password to register for an account. Please use 8 digit password.

How to use subscribe for the courses?

You have created the account or you have visited the courses page. After that you will directed to the appropriate course packs and you then have to subscribe ( Buy now) any of the course pack as per your choice.

How to start learning the Course?

After you have purchased the Course the course would be added to your My Profile section. You will also get an email for all details.

How can i upgrade my course packs?

Its been a much demand from many students to add course pack upgrade and we have added this feature for your convenience. You can upgrade your course pack from at any point of time. You need to buy again the upgraded course pack and you will be given extra benefits and discounts. All the necessary details will be available in your current course pack before you upgrade to any other courses.

I have issues with Login, what should I do?

Go to courses/ Your profile section. Login properly with your email and check your password. If still you get the problem, login after 5 minutes to refresh the settings. If still you get the problem contact us in the student support.

I am unable to access the Course, what should I do?

Please check whether you are using the same email, which was used for purchasing. Check for the course in your My Course section.

If the course is still not available, please visit Student Support here

Is there any suggestion system for students?

We have a strong student teacher suggestion system which is very rare even in top Level education websites. We constantly update our courses and take active suggestion from students. You can use the suggestion form given in the course pack.

What is the refund policy of the courses?

You can check the refund policy at the bottom of the page.

I have no good plan what i can do to get any jobs? 

Several questions often come into a candidate’s psyche for all jobs. These questions may include:

  • What Plan and Strategy should I follow in the preparation part?
  • Can I prepare for jobs at home?
  • How to practice Time Management during interviews?
  • What are the most essential topics and syllabus for the jobs?
  • What strategy and approach to use while giving the jobs ?

Our course packs will help you a lot to save time and also your money.

  • Save Travel Cost and Time
  • Learn the best strategy.
  • Evaluation on Regular Basis
  • Best lessons and less pressure on using various social media.
  • We provided many internships to candidates for our premium education
  • You will also get weekly job news in emails (Only for Indians)
  • Entrepreneurship lessons for our premium education and live coaching stduents.
Free courses are available then why i must buy and what value you will provide?

There is no free course which will give you full access to all the various and latest updated lessons etc. Buying cheap is also not good.
It is absolutely for the structure. You can browse the Internet all day for information! But it may not be presented well, You may have to go to multiple sources (some of which may not be trustworthy), You constantly be switching tabs, and in the end You probably forget what You was actually looking for or get distracted by being led to some unrelated information. Online courses provide structure that keeps you on track, in the same place, with the right info. It takes time, effort, R&D and best education to create course packs which are affordable and  best.

We also provide best courses and highly affordable price, career guidance, full access and unlimited validity, so you do not have to buy many books or courses, latest updated materials etc.

The best values which you will be getting by buying:

Convenient – For free content, you have to search for it, curate it, and create your own structure with it.

Cost-Effective – When paying, you get exactly the content you want, without the efforts for finding it.

Removes Any Guesswork – People look for educational content typically because they want to improve. But hey don’t know how to make that transformation happen. Free content typically only hints at how they can do it.

Generally Low Value Of Free Content – Paying even to access your content is going to get much more value and use from your online course – as well as better results – as compared to getting it for free.
Ad-free – Free content usually comes at the cost of watching ads – especially among high-earners – who would be willing to invest in your paid content to avoid advertisements altogether.

How and the eligibility of the courses?

You can take self paced courses individual courses and also combo packs. Combo packs have Career Gift Packs and include Self Paced Courses, Assurance Packs. You can click here for premium education. You can also get our 100% live coaching classes. Coming soon. Anyone school / college / businessmen / employees / government job candidates can get our courses.

NGOs – We provide money to people in NGOs.

Why are skilled course better than other management courses like Bcom, MBA, Government job exams etc ?

Bain like other top firms, looks for candidates who demonstrate problem-solving ability, quantitative analytical skills, leadership, and general business acumen

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