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Free Course And Paid course comparison

Free Course And Paid course comparison

It is being observed in Asian countries that people are not willing to spend money frequently for purchasing or accessing online courses.People in developed countries are spending so much money to improve their skills and knowledge by purchasing online courses.

Huge difference in mindset. Right?

We all know that the number of internet users is increasing rapidly all over the world. The more people will get connected to the internet, the more they get to know about the power of the internet.The traditional teaching system in schools and colleges are also changing. Many times a professor or a teacher suggests to students for buying a course or to watch the full playlist on Youtube.

Free Courses

Most of the free and cheap courses are easy to enroll and you can get certificate within a week. You will never have to do any academically integrated studying, assignments, lectures, doubt classes, workshop, exams etc.You will get the certificate at very less price which are not even valued in interview. When you show skills it means it has helped you and you have the skills to get jobs. Most free and cheap education have no any good experience and certificate.Most are so easy to get that you can apply for many courses but zero knowledge. For example you know a certificate in HRM is more better than a small free course with less training. Its better to save money on free but always all free courses are not better and you may not get any good knowledge.

While doing a course from Youtube, we see ads several times and that is the biggest drawback. If the video has 20 minutes of duration, it may contain 2-3 ads. Such things are completely not good because we get distracted easily. Auto suggested video, the videos in the right sidebar(for personal computer) and videos that are displayed in the home screen can also distract us. Another bad thing about Youtube is, the algorithm will not show you more educational content because they have fewer advertisers for that category. You will see more comedy and entertainment-based videos in your feed even if you only want more educational content. Also, the largest online video streaming giant is playing with our psychology. The company knows that it is difficult to spend more than 1 hour on educational content because we have to use our brain while learning and understanding anything.

Paid Courses

We can clearly see the quality of education in paid courses. Most of the times, we as students can ask the question to the tutor in the questions forum. Youtube has the comment section but content creators generally do not respond to such comments. Tutors provide free material after joining to their paid course. Such material can also helpful for us. A platform like gives various courses courses and also affordable that everyone who wants to learn a specific thing can buy and enrol easily. There are many courses on which we get regular updates so that we get in touch with the newer things in a specific industry.

But, in most of students learn by using various paid courses as will give learning new things.

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