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Be our best Campus mentor managers, education influencers, affiliate marketing people and sell our professional skills. Best self employment scheme.

Coursera / Udemy / Skill Share give low commission. We have 40% commission

Our all Skill education as per National Skill Policy MSME, ISO UK & Acetios Consulting

More than 100+ people already sold our advanced courses and career gift packs as they put themselve for this job and not asking only easy money. Majority can’t even do as they think it’s free and easy job.

We a government certified MSME, UN MSME, IPR/ Trade Mark & ISO certified brand of Acetios Consulting. To know more visit about us

Be our education partners & digital consulting partners

All our students can be our Individual Partner and be self employed. You can encourage people to take our courses, join multiple groups in telegrams, LinkedIn, twitter, Facebook, whatsapp etc. Our effort is simple to provide self employment to millions.

To register/login please read below. Share on your social media

Things to know before you become our BPC & individual partners:

  • Free & also minimum investment.
  • No fixed targets. Earn at your own pace
  • Anyone can apply.
  • Minimum qualification: Minimum age 18+ / experienced candidates / job counselor / Employees /Small firms
  • Payonner / Paypal for other countries
  • Accounts will be revoked for no sales in 30 days

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The 7 most common affiliate marketing questions answered

How to sell:

  1. Provide our courses / products to people.
  2. Follow up and provide all information about our courses / products.
  3. DM on groups related to education & jobs. Also you DM to your friends. Also share school, colleges, groups.
  4. Target school students / college students /staff / businessmen
  5. Get leads, call them and do counseling.
  6. Tell students and parents about our advanced courses, career gift packs, career gift pack assurance and guaranteed internship. Call and tell parents to take the courses as many students take money from them.
  7. Show thousands dollar free content available on our YouTube channel not given by colleges which takes more fees but most people are incapable to give value in jobs and most people are not good in business.
  8. Many students bring free courses which has no value. No mentors, no free knowledge library , no free ATS CV, No FAQ, No internships, no reference checks, No projects , No exams, no career guidance , no thousands dollar free content available
  9. Visit multiple groups, do webinars & sell.
  10. Only these countries can join. Australia, Brazil, Canada, UK, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand, France, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Philippines, US, Mexico, India & Vietnam
  11. Please check your email daily for all tips
  12. Your affiliate account will be blocked if no sales within 40 days.

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Earning & commission:

Earning per monthYour commission per month
Revenue less than Rs 3 lakhs ($3K)40% or upto Rs 1 lakhs ($1K)
Revenue above than Rs 6 lakhs ($6K)50% or upto Rs 1 lakhs
Revenue above than Rs 20 lakhs ($10K)60% or upto Rs 2 lakhs

Get payout in 10 days for 40 best affiliates. Payment after getting the details & TDS. Get your 50% for top 40 affiliates for first 1 sale & minimum 100 sales in one month only. Sell 10 Career Gift Packs each week & get weekly payouts.

Eligibility & how to make sales:

  • Only experienced sales / education consultants / affiliate marketing / Insurance agents with good audience /businessmen /housewife / HR employees/ college students with 1K followers in social media
  • Good knowledge of career
  • Good sales knowledge
  • Able to do influencing marketing
  • Sell in all groups in LinkedIn, Snapchat, telegram, WhatsApp etc. Share the posters and your links
  • Once you get some money you can run Ads, local marketing to get more leads and customers
  • Your earning is exclusive of discount and other taxes

You will also get benefits worth $6000

Get best media bundle.

  1. Banners
  2. Our blogs
  3. Videos
  4. Free training
  5. Facebook shorts & Instagram shorts
  6. Ebook & handbook once you apply
  7. All CTA
  8. All India database for email marketing
  9. Faster payout* for BPC
  10. Lifetime link validity only for making quick sales for BPC only.

Free live training visit here

90% work has been done by Professor Abir Baidya. Now its your duty to get benefits and also provide value to us.

Please check your emails for all details

  • Must have excellent knowledge in all skills
  • All must do daily webinars and sell the courses. You can select your own time.
  • A small session will be given to all partners
  • All must check their emails once weekly
  • Your affiliate account will be blocked if no sales within 40 days.

Prizes for top Affiliate/ BPC giving crores sales 

  • Cash rewards upto Rs 3 lakhs & awards*
  • Cash rewards for only top 8 people.
  • Only for Indians.
  • Must be 18+
  • TDS and processing fee

No refunds.

Some of our partners


Coupert Limited


How much sales can i make per day?

  • You can start with 10 sales and no limit on how much sales you are doing per day.
  • The more you sale the faster you will get our pay.If you have large subscribers you can sell to 1000 people in one day and get your pay within 30 days.
  • You can take webinars
  • Only people with more than good Facebook groups, Instagram , small or large YouTube channels, blogs, media etc must apply.

How can I earn money?
Check the details on our site or visit individual partners.

How to apply and the verification?
You must apply as per the details and also provide your PAN no. The ID is only by the Indians.

How to approach people?
Approach by multiple groups. Always use personal message to each person not a single message to all people.
Use DM to your friends and tell them about the advantages of our professional skills.

How much can I earn?
You can earn as per your own. There is no limit for BPC. Suppose you make total revenue Rs 18 lakhs in a month then please apply for the BPC including all the information as mentioned. You will get your share as per the BPC within 30 days after providing all the information. We only allow 100 BPC and all must be Indians as per the details.

How to approach for any help?
You can send us DM us @anywheregk including your name, ph no, email and all details.

How this commission will give me money?
This commission is a the one of the highest and as small businesses we cannot afford more. All big businesses also provide lower commission as it’s an expensive way to do marketing.

  • Taxes: A business has to pay multiple taxes not only income tax
  • Legal costs: A business has to pay the legal costs
  • Bookkeeping: A business has to pay for all the financial results.
  • Staff: A business has to pay the staff and internship
  • Technology: A business has to pay the technology and advertising costs
  • Utility costs and bank loans

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