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Audience Segmentation in Marketing

Audience Segmentation in Marketing

The process of identifying subgroups within your target audience in order to deliver more tailored messaging for better results is known as audience segmentation. These demographic subgroups can be based on gender, age, location, income, or education. It can also be done based on their browsing habits, purchase history, or interests.

Why Is Audience Segmentation Important?

Audience segmentation avoids mediocrity by making the marketing efforts more personalized for each target audience group.

  • Helps Build Trust and Meaningful Relationships – Segmenting audiences allow you to send relevant and personalized content to the target group. This helps nurture your leads and build trust at the same time.
  • Helps Gain Loyal Customers

How to Segment Audience

There are countless ways to segment your audience. What strategy you use to segment your audience depends on how diverse your audience is, the product or service you are offering, and others.

Here are a few commonly used criteria for segmenting the target audience:

  • Gender – Segmenting audiences based on gender is useful when the product you are delivering is gender-biased. For instance, a retail store selling clothes might segment an audience based on gender.
  • Location – This segmentation helps target consumers having different cultures, time zones, etc. Besides, it’s essential to target the local audience with tailored messages.
  • Behavior – Analyzing behavior means looking at how often a customer purchases or what type of product they are buying. People with different needs require different messaging.
  • Buyer’s Journey Cycle – You segment your audience based on where your customer is in their buyer’s journey — awareness, consideration, and decision.

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