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Education partners

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B2B courses in HR, Sales & marketing, Data analysis (Excel)
About us
Commission calculator per student for channel partners
How to share, convince students and parents and earn money

Advantages of our courses:

Download all our B2B courses Media Kit & pay fees

Partner Channel/ Reseller

Channel Partners

Why our Channel Partners?

All schools / colleges / coaching centers need quality ‘on-demand’ courses available to the entire workforce at the touch of a button and also be competitive with cost reduction and rank for clients and customers.

ROI: 100%

Turn your influence into revenue

You can be schools / Colleges / Companies and partner with us and help us to enroll your students and employees for enrollment in our courses. You can save and mitigation cost by paying later and just paying the education partner fees which as exclusive distribution fees and channel membership fees.


Only organic traffic 2022 by Abir

What are the benefits?

  • Lifelong validity of the links.
  • Upto 10% extra bonus when you refer organizations.
  • QR Banners
  • Landing pages
  • Email swipes
  • Get 20% extra discount on our channel partners and advertising.
  • Just promote us and get this coupon. Email us on

Enroll more students, reach on social media and alumni and also get money for referring organizations.

Sell minimum 20 students and get 100% revenue

Channel partner can get highest return ROI

Months Your revenue
1Minimum Rs 60,000
2Minimum Rs 2 lakhs
3Minimum Rs 2 lakhs

Commission calculator per student.

Employees / students you enrolled in 3 months: 1000

Amount paid by employees / students (min price): Rs 1000* 2000*30%

Your commission = Rs 6,00,000

Download all details & pay fees

Partner Channel/ Reseller

How to share, convince customers and earn money

  1. We have given you short videos, emails, banners and send them in your emails.
  2. Provide our landing page in your emails and provide the course benefits.
  3. Word of mouth advertising and banner ads in your corporate blogs, notice board etc.
  4. Share our links in parents / employees whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Emails & LinkedIn.
  5. Tell employees / students about our courses.
  6. Share on your alumni emails, new students and employees.

Please pay your fees. Click her


Do you provide any advertising?

Yes you can click here

Do you provide any leads for colleges?

We can discuss once you pay for the education partner.

Who are channel partners?

Channel partners are schools / colleges / coaching centers who want to refer and earn. B2B courses are for all companies

Do you provide refunds?

No. We gave you all details and no refunds are provided.

How to contact you?

Please email

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