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How most of the people do not able to get jobs even they have best skills?

How most of the people do not able to get jobs even they have best skills?

Global Skills Gap Report: Brazil, India, France and The US | TC Global

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There are several reasons why even skilled individuals may struggle to secure job opportunities:

  • Lack of Passion and Enthusiasm: Employers often look for candidates who not only possess the necessary skills but also demonstrate genuine passion and enthusiasm for the role. Without showcasing excitement during the application process and interviews, skilled individuals may not leave a lasting impression on employers. Most of the candidates use fake CV & skills to get jobs. Also most of the candidates are searching for nearby jobs and not finding jobs in other cities. In India majority of candidates are unskilled and never spend on professional education.
  • Mismatch of Skills and Available Jobs: Some skilled workers may experience challenges in finding suitable job openings that align with their expertise. This situation, known as “brain waste,” may lead to underemployment or working in positions that do not fully utilize their skills and qualifications.
  • Market Conditions and Competition: External factors such as a competitive job market, limited opportunities, or an oversupply of skilled workers can also hinder skilled individuals from securing employment. Despite having excellent skills, the high level of competition and market conditions may pose obstacles in landing desired job roles.
  • Skilled Worker Shortages in Specific Industries: While there might be a surplus of skilled workers in certain fields, shortages may exist in specific industries that require specialized knowledge and training. In such cases, skilled individuals may face challenges in accessing job opportunities due to the demand for highly trained personnel.
  • Interviewing and Networking Skills: In addition to technical skills, the ability to effectively communicate during interviews and build professional networks is crucial for securing job offers. Skilled individuals who lack strong interview techniques or networking capabilities may struggle to showcase their qualifications and establish connections within their industries.
  • You are greedy:  There are the employees who think that their education will give them more salary and they are only searching for either more salary & less tasks or overseas jobs. As an HR, these candidates must be eliminated as they are not adding anything & loyal to the organization.

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  • . Industry-specific knowledge: Depending on the job you’re targeting, having specialized knowledge or expertise in a particular industry can greatly increase your chances of employment. Stay informed about the latest developments, trends, and practices relevant to your field.
  • Continuous learning mindset: Employers value individuals who demonstrate a willingness to learn and grow professionally. Showcasing a proactive approach to self-improvement and staying updated on industry trends can make you a desirable candidate.

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