HR as your career and benefits of online education

Computers take over many processes, which leads to increasing demand for skills that computers are not good at (skills that cannot be converted into codes), like analysing, evaluating and creating new ideas.

Fortunately, human insight is still needed for this. Also, in Human Resources, the HR analytics part becomes more and more important. In an HR business partner role, you can convince people quicker when you use data and insights as foundation for your advice and decisions.

In a completely globally connected world, employees are supposed to be able to function in any environment. This requires language skills and adaptability, as well as having the ability to be collaborative in a multicultural environment.

More and more processes will be automated in the future. But, fortunately, computers are still behind human skills in several areas, mainly in the social field and understanding emotions.

That brings us to competence number three: social intelligence. HR people understand what different target groups want and what motivates them to take action. It is important to reach the core of the wishes and needs of these target groups. Then you can respond quickly to their signals.

To stay ahead of competitors as an organisation, creativity is needed. As an HR generalist, you should be able to come up with new working methods, improvements and original ideas which make the organisation stand out from the crowd.

Know how to use different communication channels. Content generated by the user occupies a more prominent place in the business world. Think videos, blogs, podcasts and infographics instead of static PowerPoint presentations.

The ideal employee of the next decade is described as “T” shaped: they have extensive knowledge of at least one topic but are able to translate this knowledge into a wider range of disciplines. As an HR Generalist, it means that you need to know about recruitment and compensation & benefits, but it’s also key to have knowledge about talent management, training developments, legislation and regulations and data analyses.


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Benefits of online Human Resources degrees / courses

Most people choose an online Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Human Resource Management because they want to focus on other priorities, like part-time/full-time jobs, transforming hobbies into a successful business, or spending time with their family and children.

No matter why you’re interested in studying HR online, here are some of the main benefits:

Save time & money

Studying abroad is a fun experience, but not always a cheap one. Some countries and cities are more affordable than others but studying abroad is usually more expensive than studying online.

You’ll save money on transportation, accommodation, and you’ll spend less time commuting. In a society where many people complain about not having enough time for themselves, an online degree might help you make the best of both worlds.

Master your schedule

Study when you want, where you want. To study online, you only need a reliable internet connection and computer or a mobile device, like a laptop, tablet, or even a smartphone if the smaller screen size isn’t a deal-breaker for you.

Improve your digital skills

An online Human Resources degree allows you to explore the latest platforms used for communication and sharing files. You might already be familiar with the most common online tools, but you can discover new apps or websites that make your work easier. You might even recommend them at your workplace if you feel they can improve communication and collaboration.

Online degrees improve your CV

Completing an online degree in HRM won’t be easy, especially if you have other commitments like a full-time job. But it’s a huge asset on your Curriculum Vitae if you can pull it off. It will show future employees that you’re an ambitious person who can establish goals, identify the steps to get there and do what’s needed to succeed.

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