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A student can do many jobs after doing any Under graduation or MBA in HRM. They also have the option to o diploma or small certificates courses in HRM. Students have plenty of options to choose from in terms of their career. They can choose from areas like HR management, Human resource training, Resource development, Accounting, etc. in terms of their career.

Another area of job opportunity for HRM is HR consultants, are also in great demand they basically outsource people from one country to another as per the job requirements and also act as career guides to students who are not sure about the career prospects ahead.

Also one can work in consultancies which provide placement opportunities to people looking for jobs in MNCs and private sector firms. The salary is much better in US.

As per the report in Business standard ” HR In India: A Fast-Growing Market Focused On People Development”.


Human Resource Management: Who should opt for?

  • Students who have good decision-making abilities.
  • Those who have a career in the domain of management in mind.
  • Those who are looking for a career in the domain of HR development.
  • Those who are aiming for higher studies in the domain.

To provide you a holistic view of the career prospects of the course we have tabled certain areas and the respective roles attached to the same where a diploma student can look for in terms of his/her career.

Top Highest Paying HR Jobs

1. HR Manager

Human Resource Managers are generalists who act as links between the directors and the executive level of corporate management. They spearhead teams of recruiters and other specialists to tackle particular HR-related problems and deliver successful projects. They also ensure that all procedures are in line with business laws and company policies.

2. Training and Development Manager

These HR professionals work involves supporting the employees through education, training, and career planning interventions. These activities range from organizing orientation sessions for new employees to facilitating in-person workshops for existing staff to conducting personal and professional development courses. 

According to PayScale, mid-career training and development managers in India are paid total compensation of Rs 7,76,418 per year. 

3. Compensation and Benefits Manager

This HR managerial position involves the preparation of compensation and benefits programs for organizations. Their work includes selecting and implementing plans by synchronizing their company’s budgetary constraints with the employees’ demands. The end goal is to pick the remuneration policy that allows for attracting and retaining talent. 

In India, the average annual salary of compensation and benefits managers is estimated at Rs 12,99,064.

4. Recruitment and Placement Manager

The person at the helm of hiring new employees in a corporate is generally given the Employment, Recruitment, and Placement Manager title. The primary job duties include directing the team in:

  • Selecting sources of recruitment
  • Screening qualified candidates
  • Deciding which individuals to pursue 

The expected pay for this position in India is about Rs 4,97,351 annually. The earnings increase as you move up the corporate chain to occupy senior roles. 

5. HR Consultant

HR consultants are skilled in analyzing a company’s human resources situation and devising policies, employment structure, benefits packages, performance incentives, and many other issues. These experts usually work in a contractual capacity, helping HR managers with specific tasks.

In India, you can make Rs 4,00,852 per annum on average with a private HR consulting practice. And as you take up more assignments, you can expect to get a higher salary.

6. Executive Recruiter

Executive recruiters or headhunters are responsible for finding senior executives to fill leadership roles in corporations and large nonprofits. They need to have some idea about the hiring industry to convince prospects to join their client organization. It is a high-responsibility job as it requires you to develop a plan for why a senior professional should leave their current place of work and work for the competitor.

They get paid on a retainer basis, in full upon a candidate’s presentation, or a portion/percentage of the hired executive’s compensation. PayScale estimated the starting annual earnings of an executive recruiter in India at Rs 4,50,000. 

7. International HR Associate

As the title suggests, this HR position comes with global responsibility. International HR associates perform generalist tasks, such as posting jobs, screening applicants, reviewing compensation and benefits packages, and so on. For a multinational corporation, these standard activities have to be adjusted according to the employment markets around the world. Therefore, their role encompasses fine-tuning HR strategies accordingly. 

The median annual salary is approximated at Rs 4,65,434. 

8. Employee Relations Specialist

These specialists act as a bridge between management and labor unions in large corporations. They draw up employment contracts adhering to labor regulations and demands. They also represent their client company in any legal action and sometimes serve as public relations specialists. 

PayScale reports the average total compensation for employee relations professionals in India to be Rs 4,54,505 a year.

9. HR Director

An HR Director is the person-in-charge of the company-wide policies on recruitment, compensation, promotion, termination, and other human resource areas. It is a senior-level position concerned with setting the tone for all HR activities in the organization. 

HR Directors in leading companies can earn as high as Rs 27,50,196 per annum. 

10. Vice President of Human Resources

The Vice President of Human Resources may be referred to as the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) in some situations. As a member of executive management, they are closely involved in setting the company’s strategic direction. CHROs oversee every aspect of the HR department and report directly to the CEOs. 

Generally, it would be best if you had at least a decade of progressively responsible work experience to work at this senior position. If you aspire to advance to this stage, master the intricacies of corporate human resources and focus on building your decision-making and judgment skills.  

According to PayScale, a VP position in Corporate HR pays about Rs 21,60,616 yearly.

To give a brief idea for beginner the various job roles are –

  1. HR Assistant
  2. Recruiter
  3. Training and Development Coordinator or Manager
  4. Payroll Specialist
  5. Human Resources Manager
  6. Employee Relations Manager
  7. Compensation or Benefit Analyst or Manager
  8. HR Information Systems Manager
  9. Labor Relations Manager

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