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List of national games of various countries

List of national games of various countries for all competitive exams questions and answers for SSC, RRB NTPC, NDA, FCI, PSUs, state government exams, UPPPSC, NABARD, IBPS, Insurance etc.

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List of Countries And Their National Games
Name of Countries National Games in the World Other Important Games
Afghanistan Buzkashi (Also called Kopar, Kupari and Ulak Tartysh) (DeFacto) Cricket, football, boxing & basketball
Antigua and Barbuda Cricket (DeFacto) Football
Argentina Pato (DeJure – 1953) Association football, Basketball, Rugby union
Australia Cricket (DeFacto) Australian Rules Football (AFL), Rugby, Horse Racing, Netball
Bangladesh Kabaddi (DeJure – 1972) Cricket & football
Barbados Cricket (DeFacto) Football, Golf, Tennis
Bermuda Cricket (DeFacto) Football, Rugby and Tennis
Bhutan Archery (DeJure – 1971) Basketball, football, futsal
Brazil Capoeira (DeJure – 1972) Volleyball and Basketball
Bulgaria Weightlifting (DeFacto) Gymnastics, Rowing, Biathlon and Cricket
Canada Ice hockey (In Winter) & Lacrosse (In Summer) (DeJure – 1994) Football, Golf, basketball and baseball
Chile Chilean rodeo (DeJure – 1962) Tennis and football
China Ping Pong (Table Tennis) (DeFacto) Volleyball, Martial Arts, Shooting, Badminton
Cuba Baseball (DeFacto) Boxing, Volleyball, Basketball
Columbia Tejo (DeJure – 2000)
Czech Republic Ice Hockey (DeFacto) Football
Dominican Republic Baseball (DeFacto) Football and Boxing
England Cricket (DeFacto) Football, Rugby and Basketball
France Association Football (Defacto) Rugby, Motor Sports and tennis
Haiti Football (DeFacto)
Hungary Water Polo (DeFacto)
India Field Hockey (DeFacto) Cricket, badminton, kabaddi
Israel Association Football (DeFacto) Basketball, Swimming, canoeing
Italy Calcio – type of Football (DeFacto)
Indonesia Badminton (DeFacto)
Lithuania Basketball (DeFacto) Football, Athletics, Cycling
Iran Wrestling, Varzesh-e-Bastani (DeJure – 1976) Polo, football
Jamaica Cricket (DeFacto) Association football, Athletics
Japan Sumo Wrestling (DeFacto) Ju-Jitsu (Martial Arts), Baseball, Football
Malaysia Sepak Takraw – similar to Volleyball or Badminton(DeFacto). Players cannot use their hands to play
Mongolia Archery (DeFacto) Mongolian wrestling, horse riding, Football, Basketball
Mauritius Football (DeFacto) Athletics, Basketball, Badminton
Mexico Charreria- similar to Rodeo (DeJure – 1933) Association football and Boxing
Nepal Dandi Biyo – similar to Indian Gilli Danda, Volleyball (DeJure – 2017) Cricket, football
New Zealand Rugby Union (DeFacto) Cricket, Net ball, Basketball, Golf, Tennis
Norway Cross-country skiing (DeFacto) Wrestling, Cycling, Shooting
Namibia Football, Netball, Rugby (DeJure – 2018)
Pakistan Field Hockey (DeFacto) Cricket, Kabaddi, Squash, Snooker
Philippines Arnis – Type of Fighting Art (DeJure – 2009) Basketball, Badminton, boxing
Poland Football (DeFacto)
Peru Paleta Frontón – type of Tennis (DeFacto)
Puerto Rico (united States) Paso Fino (DeJure – 1966)
Russia Bandy- type of Ice Hockey (DeFacto) Chess, football, Basketball, Gymnastics
Scotland Golf (DeFacto) Tennis, Rugby
Serbia Football, basketball, volleyball and water polo (DeFacto)
Slovenia Alpine Skiing (DeFacto) Ski Jumping, Athletics, Basketball and Boxing
South Korea Tae-kwon-do (DeJure – 2018) Football and Basketball
SriLanka Volleyball (DeFacto) Cricket, badminton, Watersports
Switzerland Shooting and Gymnastics (DeFacto) Football and Ice Hockey
Tajikistan Gushtigiri- type of wrestling (DeFacto)
Turkey Oil wrestling (DeFacto) Soccer, Basketball, VolleyBall
USA Baseball (DeFacto) Football, Ice Hockey, Golf, Tennis
Uruguay Destrezas Criollas (DeJure – 2006)
Venezuela Baseball (DeFacto) football

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