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Marketing Case Study – Hunt Club and Happeo

Marketing Case Study – Hunt Club and Happeo

“In the recruiting industry, time is very important. We find the best talent and place candidates for our clients as quickly and as efficiently as we possibly can. We’re a growing organization, and we’re adding a lot of new hires. What that translates to is quickly getting everyone up to speed so that we can deliver the best service for our clients in a timely manner.

Happeo gives us a competitive advantage because it gives us the technology and the tools we need in order to onboard all of our new joiners, and it gives us the technology we need to organize our insights. And in recruiting, insights are extremely important.”

Caitlyn Ibrahim, Senior Manager of Research and Strategic Capabilities 

Technology at the forefront of Hunt Club’s strategy

Hunt club is a tech-enabled recruiting agency. They leverage the power of relationships and referrals to find the best talent and are the first digitally native brand in their category.

Caitlyn Ibrahim, Hunt Club’s Senior Manager of Research and Strategic Capabilities, took the time to tell us how they use Happeo.

A speedy Happeo launch

“When we signed on with Happeo, we had a very ambitious two-week launch schedule, which we were able to meet thanks to the easy user interface and the efficient onboarding process. I learned everything that I needed to know to create our internet within 24 hours. And it was really well received by our team. It all happened very quickly and according to plan and we were able to onboard 90% of our employees within that two-week period and all of our new hires have reported back and said that they love Happeo. It’s the best intranet that they’ve seen. And I think that’s thanks in large part to how easy it is in terms of user adoption.”A social intranet to support internal growth

Hunt Club set out to find an intranet suited to their needs and aligned with their culture. They set out the following requirements:

  • One central knowledge base
  • A platform for leadership to communicate in a visible way
  • A place to store and organize virtual onboarding
  • Integration with Google Workspace and Slack

A platform for leadership to communicate



“Our leadership team has already adopted Happeo as the way that they communicate whenever there’s an important announcement, an action item, or something that needs to be acknowledged by the broader team.

And leadership really enjoys that information is then stored in a way on Happeo where you can search and access it later.”

Our CEO and COO use Happeo’s Channels to organize and share all the company-wide OKRs as well as all the departmental OKRs. Which gives us the ability to track our progress. And it provides transparency, which is so integral and important to our culture as an organization.”

A place for everyone to start their day

“We made Happeo the homepage for our company. And the expectation is that everyone starts their day there. We’ve organized our Happeo in a manner where you instantly get all the latest updates of company news, and the latest research and insights. With Happeo’s Google Workspace integration, you have your schedule there, so you can join meetings directly from within Happeo. You also have your email there so that you can access your email directly. Everything you need to start your day is on a single page when you open Happeo. And that’s really helped our team to streamline their work process.”

Infrastructure for a fast-growing start-up

“Start-ups use whatever tools to communicate as quickly as possible, without any organized infrastructure in place. We were heavily relying on email and Slack, which was causing a bit of a disconnect. It was difficult to know where the official information sat and important communications were getting lost. Especially with email — you might get an email containing important information, but once you’ve read it, that information isn’t stored in any meaningful way. Happeo really helped us to bridge that gap by not only providing a data management system, but also integrating with Slack so that we get Slack notifications when something is shared on Happeo.”

The features that changed the game for Hunt Club

  • Pages to store all company information
  • Targeted posts and Announcements for leadership to reach desired audiences
  • Pages and Channels to manage virtual onboarding
  • Integration with Google Workspace and Slack

A shared future for Hunt Club and Happeo

“Hunt Club is really excited to be partnered with Happeo because we both consider ourselves disruptors. We’re both tech-first companies, we’re leading our individual categories, and it’s been a great partnership with a lot of synergies in terms of what we’re trying to do to disrupt the recruiting space and what Happeo is trying to do to disrupt the intranet space.”

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