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OKR vs KPI. The ultimate way to know

OKR vs KPI. The ultimate way to know

In the world of goal formulation and performance monitoring, OKRs and KPIs are a dynamic couple.
However, just like any successful team, they must play multiple roles in order to complete a mission flawlessly.
While OKR focuses on procedures and the large picture, KPI focuses on the end result and attainable targets.

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What exactly is an OKR?

OKR is an acronym that stands for objective and key results.

It is a goal-setting framework that assists you in developing goals and devising a method to measure them.
OKRs are typically used to establish quarterly goals.
Make outstanding goals for your organisation. These objectives should be both motivating and actionable.
Align: Ensure that the objectives of each team are in line with the company plan.
Achieve: Make certain that teams are working toward and tracking their OKRs. You can accomplish this by conducting weekly check-ins. gifts

OKR Objective: I will increase my company’s annual revenue by 50% as measured by:

Key Result 1: Acquiring 100 new customers

Key Result 2: Increasing marketing leads by 40%

Key Result 3: Increasing customer retention to 90%

What exactly is a KPI?

The acronym KPI stands for key performance indicator.

Here are some KPI examples for common goals:

  1. Getting better HR score & faster: decrease the time taken to get HR score by 8%
  2. Obtaining more clients: increase online merchandise sales to $300,000
  3. Increasing revenue: increase our annual revenue by 6% by

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