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✔️Our Career Gift Packs are the perfect way to manage your  education and also save money.

✔️Get assured Bonus worth $300 in all Gift Packs:

  • Get best assignment & exam
  • Be ready for the skills.
  • 90% people want free certificate. But you then ask jobs. Nothing is free
  • Most spend on alcohol, marijuana, movies. No value for jobs.
  • 100% guaranteed ROI and risk free*
  • Get best knowledge and analytics to solve spreadsheet
  • Advanced Study Camp
  • 100% ROI
  • You pay for skills. We pay for taxes
  • Internship for top people after exams in CGP2, 3 or Assurance
  • Other countries internship no money will be paid.
  • Campus mentor manager to do counseling in colleges & companies
  • 100% English
  • For direct counseling In India DM Instagram @anywheregk

✔️ Elite Club only for Career Gift Pack Assurance:

  • Elite Club With Career Assurance Job updates
  • Best 100% guaranteed ROI and risk free
  • Advanced Study Camp for Interview, guidance, CV & personality development
  • Q&A
  • No discounts for assurance packs
  • Dates will be given in emails for Workshops
  • No internships if you have applied coupons and got cashback
We are helping people for challenges and manage them with our Advanced Courses

Here are some insightful HR statistics to help HR and non-HR professionals make the right decisions for your employees and your company:

  1. Almost 30% of job seekers have left a job within the first 90 days of starting (Source)
  2. Only 51% of companies agree that the diversity of their employees mirrors the diversity of the market they serve. (Source)
  3. 60 percent of job seekers quit in the middle of filling out online job applications because of their length or complexity. (Source)
  4. On average, a higher retention rate can maximize a company’s profits up to four times. (Source)
  5.  Employee recognition programs can reduce the turnover rate by up to 31%. (Source)
  6. According to LinkedIn research, 25% of candidates said that better company culture is among their top reasons for changing jobs. (Source)


You can solve this by best recruitment channels, Build leadership within the team, Create a value-oriented company culture & Spend for skilled employees with our courses


How to take and start studying?

  • Fill the form & get coupons, free knowledge library & Free ATS CV & Free lessons
  • Pay all fees.
  • Check your email / spam box within 3 days.
  • Start your journey for corporate knowledge.


Best jobs available after these course:

  • HR, HR recruiter, HR generalist, HR executive for 0-4 years experience.
  • HR analyst, Marketing analyst, Finance analysts,
  • Sales analyst, Fashion analyst, Digital marketing analyst 0-4 years experience



School students / all colleges students / businessmen / employees / organizations


Support will be available only for general queries. These are self study courses. Please go for our free knowledge library for detail in your Free Ebook

We have created successful Ad Campaigns for multi million dollar brands:

Keka Hire   Ace Nutrimony    What is the Science behind Rage Coffee?, AGF Fashion (Our fashion style) and other brands



The courses & workshop is simple easy to understand and lots of assignments

Pratik Sharma

Advanced HR certification

Just go for the courses. Affordable & easy to know. Ya i was little worried but yes at least he is not selling any filthy products.

Harjit Kaur

Advanced data analysis certification

So much knowledge i got in one workshop. Real assignments on advanced rules etc.

Rocky Seth

Advanced Data analysis

Good, best price and invest in education is not bad. All HR officers ask good skills not just costly school tutions.

Anish Devgan

Advanced HR Certification

Got all facts of jobs and great courses. Saved my money and helped getting offers


​1000 of YouTube videos available. All free 1000 video also shows making cars. But people go and buy. Same is these courses and classes. I spent lakhs on IAS coaching for 3 years but no jobs. After enrolling here i am getting better. Excellent for anyone who need good jobs.

Arjun Kapoor

Real people invest on Professional Courses
Fake invest their time on social media
Guys its Data Analysis not advanced excel. Here you will get only the important function which is best for most jobs at low fees.


Guys everything is available but you need to pay. You need salary its not free. These are corporate courses which is more valuable than competition exams


I am really happy that maintain highest standard of education. It provides free benefits & also affordable courses. Must enroll for your jobs. Better than spending on expensive exams & courses.

Rajiv Srivastava

Got my internship in college from anywheregk and it was a paid internship in HR. I learnt many things from and also multiple job news helped me get value. It was elf paced. You can get best courses which are more affordable, better than my MBA college & also helped me study

Rajvir Chauhan



How to create an account for my courses?

You can create an account for before taking any courses by two ways. Using register at top of the page. Or visit top left three dots and click Your profile. You will get registering option. After that you need to enter your  Email Id & Password to register for an account. Please use 8 digit password.

How to use subscribe for the courses?

You have created the account or you have visited the courses page. After that you will directed to the appropriate course packs and you then have to subscribe ( Buy now) any of the course pack as per your choice.

How to start learning the Course?

After you have purchased the Course the course would be added to your My Profile section. You will also get an email for all details.

Our course packs will help you a lot to save time and also your money. ?
  • Save Travel Cost and Time
  • Learn the best strategy.
  • Evaluation on Regular Basis
  • Best lessons and less pressure on using various social media.
Free courses are available then why i must buy and what value you will provide?

There is no free course which will give you full access to all the various and latest updated lessons etc. Buying cheap is also not good.

*No refunds as you got the free lessons and 100% risk free and better than alcohol etc.


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