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Partner Affiliates Mojo

Partner Affiliates Mojo for our popular courses.  You can be individuals or any Facebook groups /YouTube channel related to education/ jobs specifically government jobs, Private jobs, Colleges, exams etc.

Post name: Partner Affiliates Mojo

Type: Entrepreneurial

Roles and Responsibilities

The following objectives :

  • Interpret and provide our course packs to students.
  • Follow-up provide better information.
  • Use of various social media and direct promotion to students and the courses packs and get your unique affiliate links for promotion and marketing and get sales.
  • Make videos and provide the benefits and enrollments.


  • 50%  of all sales.
  • Earn upto Rs 50K per month
  • Commission will be paid once in a month.
  • Processing Fee: 4% of the commission.
  • One time signup fee: Rs 889


What Do Channel Partners Get?

Partner Affiliates get the annual membership fee paid by a member. Channel partners can earn up to Rs 50K per month as per the current fee structure. Once you get more than Rs 50K for the month you will be eligible for elite membership.  You can earn upto Rs 1 lakh per month.

Interesting! isn’t it?! But you have to do a small favor – since this is a mutually beneficial partnership and we want seriously interested people, a channel partner will need to create and promote to your students etc to support our campaigns and get more registration. More registrations will eventually benefit both of us.

Important Information

Conversion Flow:

  • User makes any transaction.
  • Sale is counted & credited.
  • Only after you have made the sale, you will be given the commission.

How do I start earning Commission?

After you get selected you will get all the training & get started with advertising and share our courses, you will be eligible to earn up to Rs 50K per month. We will also teach you the best ways to increase your earnings.

How much do I have to pay to join the program?

You need to pay fee for becoming a part of the channel partners. You will be entitled for a 4% processing fee which is to be deducted from your total commission.

If i do not have done sales for being the partner affiliate simple?

You will be given 60 days to do at least few sales. If you still unable to do any sales after 60 days you will be given a mail and 30 days will be given. If you do not achieve any sales your account can be terminated.


You can also read our T&C here



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