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Did you know 60% college students are using CV with no professional knowledge, no good attitude & experience. Most students never do any internships and Advanced Courses as they think it has no value. Education Industry in India is best industry.

Get best collaboration for all colleges and students can get a credit based transfer on professional skill development. It is as per Skill Development Policy, India.

Our students from top colleges like Amity university, NMIMS, Delhi university, VTU, Jaypee University, Jain university, SGT University & more

As our Skill Development partner you can also earn upto 50% share of each student

Advantages of our courses:

School/ coaching centers/ college/ company must add “Students/ employees skill development” as promotion to all our advanced courses

Best coaching in India

IT Training: Bridging the Skill Gap in 2019

A Bloomberg Business Study stated corporations aren’t hiring qualified candidates because they lack communication and people skills.

Harvard Business Review Blog titled: “Keep Your Name Off That Layoff List” gave six reasons people are being laid off; one of the six is; they had (very) poor interpersonal skills.

An Edutopia Blog is titled: College and Career Ready: Soft Skills Are Crucial.

A Conover Company study titled: Soft Skills: Essential skills for Workplace Readiness.

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Channel Partner

All our colleges can also get admission opportunities & PR at low rates

Channel Partners

Why our Channel Partners?

All schools / colleges / coaching centers need quality ‘on-demand’ courses available to the entire workforce at the touch of a button and also be competitive with cost reduction and rank for clients and customers.

Prevailing skill gap and enhance the employability of students, the University Grants Commission (UGC) has given its nod to guidelines for the introduction of short-term industry-relevant certificate courses in higher educational institutes (HEIs). The duration of these courses will range between three and six months.

  • Skill subject score can compensate for CBSE Class 10 compulsory subjects
  • As per UGC, degrees are becoming older if the colleges are not capable of collaboration with industry for skill based professional coaching 
  • Our skill courses can be taken by Class 8 onwards in any school and any subjects.   All the students must have a PC and internet. Schools can also buy Pen drive courses at special discount offer if you pay our digital rights

All education partners must take our digital license rights to sell among your organization. You will also get upto 30% for reference to other organizations. No limits. Processing charges & TDS apply.

Source: Times Of India

Please email us: or call us 01169266252

Silver Education Partner:

Silver partners are our certified skill partners of school / colleges / universities /

Some of the best advantages to be our channel partner & reseller:

  • No need to hire staff & any infrastructure investment in your college
  • Low & afford price
  • Students get branded certified company advanced courses
  • You can take the fees as student development fees
  • Pay the Silver Channel Partner Fees to get official brand recognition and trademark/ IPR.
  • Include our Advanced Courses in your school/ college syllabus
  • Internships for eligible candidates for assurance packs
  • Corporate seminar for student (Extra fees)
  • Special discounts on event merchandise
  • Best skills, assignments, career guidance, exams & internships to students
  • College counseling for students coming soon
  • Exclusive college admission & skill development collaboration

Complete process of students/ employees and enrollment

Simple process for enrollment in our self paced or live coaching classes:

College as our channel partners also get better skills development & entire job assistance staffing done by our team at an additional fees.

You just take development fees from students from your “admission fees or student skill development & job skill fees” including exclusive offers and send us the payment of the respective courses.

  • You pay the fees for the number of students/ employees
  • You send us the invoices of the number of quantity or students you are paying against them as the development fee
  • The entire process of students enrollment in either self paced courses or live coaching classes will be done after final payment of the full invoice fees only.
  • The students can access the courses or live coaching classes from their dashboard by login and checking their email. We will send an email to the institutions / companies and the students/ employees within 48 hours for enrollment of the payment. Please check your inbox or spam for all information.
  • You send us the list of students including their name, ph, email, city etc of those enrollment & after that your share revenue will be sent as per your contract signed within 30 days.
  • Channel partner fees to be paid to get the digital rights for more offers
  • School / colleges/ Coaching centers buying bulk courses will get better offers
  • All eligible channel partner will be eligible for our rights after KYC.
  • You can also earn by sharing to other organization upto 30%.
  • Resell rights lifetime. You can purchase unlimited courses and resell it under your own standard price as per our rates and get upto 60% profit for adding in your own semesters and training sessions.
  • Top 1% or upto 3 people from your college can be eligible for internship and career guidance.

Name Min quantity
of students / staff
Discount rate
Channel partners / B2B partners
(Not paying digital rights)
30Upto 40% flat on all fees
Channel partners / B2B partners
(You have taken digital rights)
30Upto 21% & 40% off included.
Get discounts for above Rs 10 lakhs
Channel partners / B2B partners
(You have taken digital rights) regular
No minimum Upto 21% & 40% off included
Get discounts for above Rs 10 lakhs

Advantages of our courses:

  • Lifelong validity of the links for education partners.
  • Landing pages
  • Upto 30% extra bonus when you refer organizations.
  • QR Banners
  • Get 10% extra discount on our channel partners and advertising. Just promote us.
  • Enroll more students, reach on social media, alumni also get money for referring organizations.
  • Add our skills on your own syllabus and no need to hire staff. You must pay the royalty amount extra to add our skills
  • We have given internships to top college students. Pay us to provide internships to college students

ROI: 100%

Turn your influence into revenue

How to pay share, convince customers and earn money

  1. We have given you short videos, emails, banners and send them in your emails.
  2. Provide our landing page in your emails and provide the course benefits.
  3. Share our links in parents / employees whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Emails & LinkedIn.
  4. Share on your alumni emails, new students and employees.


Do you provide any advertising?

Yes you can click here

Do you provide any leads for colleges?

We can discuss once you pay for the education partner.

Who are channel partners?

Channel partners are schools / colleges / coaching centers who want to refer and earn. B2B courses are for all companies

Do you provide refunds?

No. We gave you all details and no refunds are provided.

How to contact you?

Email us

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