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HR jobs and best courses | Best courses for students & employees

HR jobs and best courses | Best courses for students & employees

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HR among top 20 Jobs in the world as per Linkedin

My name is professor Abir Baidya.I am a certified assistant professor and a qualified junior research fellow I have got ranked in ugc national eligibility test on india ranked 15th in human resource and labor welfare, mba in marketing and human resource, selected in top companies like britannia,ongc oil and natural gas corporation a,fortune 500 public sector undertaking company in india.

HR among top 20 jobs in the world as per Linkedin

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So what is career and jobs so what you need to know what is a career suppose you are going for human resource so human resource is a career under there there are multiple jobs you have to do for example assistant human resource officer executive hr recruiter, supervisor okay then you can go for your generalists roles then you can go for supervisor then you can go for your administrative roles manager business partner they are the these are the job but the main thing is the HR it is your career similarly in marketing is a career there you will find yes sales then marketing executives senior marketing executives sales vice president marketing manager these are the career in marketing, similarly in finance you can go finance is a career right so in that you can go for accounts officer executive accounts manager your deputy accounts manager then there are multiple roles so careers.

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The main thing you need to go for then after that you can go from one job to another job why HR is important i will tell you how you can manage people everything I will tell you in this video.Think of your three statements people leadership and money this makes you as a good hr officer wherever you are finding a good employee you need to find a good people who has leadership knowledge and also he can give money for your organization why companies need to pay you first tell me why leadership is good tell me can you do jobs for no salary?

HR jobs and best courses | Best courses for students & employees

Obviously these are the important questions which are typically asked in interviews why companies need to pay you because you have the knowledge you have the skills you have the abilities leadership is good leadership nowadays is very important for all of you whether you want the junior role roles mid-level or senior manager people the companies need leadership roles right a leader is that person who can manage multiple tasks and he can face multiple situation he is accountable and he should be ready to face all the consequences so people the responsible people.

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